Intaba Group LLC provides strategy, operations, business development, and project management consulting services in the technology, hospitality and nonprofit industries.   We offer a comprehensive and uniquely personalized approach to working with our clients, with experience working with groups at any stage of their life cycle.   We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions through intelligent research, insightful analysis and access to our diverse network of expert advisers.

Our affiliate Intaba LLC specializes in seeking international business opportunities for clients in the United States, South Africa and Japan. Currently, the Company expands the international client base for many multi-national firms by providing business development, strategic, and international advice. Among its clients are South African statutory bodies, public corporations, listed South African companies and nonprofit organizations, as well as Japanese and United States listed Corporations.  Intaba LLC, and its sister company EBDM & Associates LLC, have managed more than $1 billion in business development and structured over 100 deals.

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